AC Ace Brooklands - manufactured by AC Cars Ltd, Brooklands, Surrey England.

This site is dedicated to the AC Ace of the 1990's a superbly crafted, elegant, exclusive and now much sought after Grand Tourer.

A relaxed long distance tourer with all creature comforts (air con, heated leather seats, heated screen,electric windows, CD multi changer, electric aerial, ABS, power steering & power hood) and capable of returning 28mpg when driven carefully. 



The picture above is chassis number 55 from 1996 and is one of the last cars built at the Brooklands factory prior to AC Cars Ltd under the ownership Brian Angliss being sold to pride automotive (Alan Lubinsky) at the end of 1996.

Cars up to chassis number 60 had a stainless steel chassis and hand made aluminum bodywork and were constructed and finished to a very high standard, powered by an unstressed American Ford 302 (5litre) V8 apparantly modified by AC and producing 260bhp, performance is brisk with a quoted 0 - 60 time of under 6 seconds.

Later cars (1997-on) used composites for key body panels, notably the bonnet, and a re-enginered chassis to reduce production cost. These later cars (approx 12 factory produced between 1997-2000 ) were manufactured in South Africa with some UK assembly in Coventry. A small number of cars have been assembled from surplus body and chassis components since production by AC Cars ended.

The all aluminum cars (built alongside the Mk1V Cobra) tend to be more sought after than the later South African cars with the post production "home assembled" cars being least valuable - expect to pay between £19k and £28k depending on year, specification and condition. Sale prices have setled over the past couple of years so it would seem unlikely that values will reduce any further.